Retro Tone Ram's Head

Retro Tone is a French pedal builder that focuses on dirt boxes inspired by vintage circuits.

Their Ram’s Head is quite obviously their take on the Ram’s Head muff, “version 2” of the most popular fuzz circuit sold between1973 and 1977 and recently reissued by Electro-Harmonix, known for its scooped, and bassier sound, although there were so many variations on the circuit that it’s hard to pinpoint a specific sound for it.

The Retro Tone’s version offers the same knob layout of the original with added toggle switch that gives you the option of “filling” the scooped mids through a mid-boost.

Check out in the video below how this pedal responds to different guitars (Strat, Telecaster, Humbucker Tones).

Based on the big muff ram’s head v2 circuit.┬áViolet ram’s head.
This pedal made famous by many musicians, from David Gilmour to Billy Corgan and Dinosaur jr.
I recreated this legendary pedal by carefully choosing the components in order to find this so special sound.
Adding a 2-position switch will take you from a boosted midrange sound to the original sound.


  • Control: volume, tone, sustain.
  • 9v power supply
  • Protection against reverse polarity.
  • Wood and aluminum case
  • Painting
  • Screen printing.
  • Led.
  • True bypass.
  • 3 year warranty
  • Handcrafted from the box to the circuit.
  • Hand assembled in the Basque Country.