Jackson Audio Asabi

In the traditionally “analog obsessed” niche of dirt box builders, Texas’ Jackson Audio is one of the few pedal companies out there that’s been pushing that format’s envelope in a direction that incorporates digital innovation.

The company’s latest pedal, called Asabi, is a Mateus Asato signature pedal that features two independent overdrive and distortion stackable channels: a transparent and dynamic drive and a British-style high gain amp-in-a-box. Ample room for sculpting is given by the nine knobs.

Like other Jackson pedals, though, the extra flexibility in the Asabi comes from unique features provided by the “program mode,” accessible by pressing and holding down one of the two footswitches. In program mode the player can select between 4 different clipping diode options on each channel – each mode is associated with a different led color, and can be triggered via Midi. A level-matching circuit in the pedal keeps the level consistent when switching diode mode, and any EQ or level change made will be remembered the next time that diode mode will be recalled.

The company’s Gain Cycle, also found in other pedals, allows the creation of four scalable maximum gain settings, which allows you to easily boost or reduce your gain on the fly while performing.

Something entirely new to this pedal, though, is the swappable module for the distortion channel, which lets players replace the included Modern High-Gain distortion circuit without having to buy a new pedal. Currently, the company has released an alternate module that gives you a RAT-inspired distortion. The extra module can be purchased for just $50 – see video below.

Here are the first videos of the Jackson Audio Asabi.

The name ASABI, which means, “of unusual birth” was chosen by Mateus because it speaks to the unique nature of this pedal, as well as his own family heritage. Keep reading below to learn more about how the ASABI can bring your tone to life in new and creative ways!

To keep things interesting on your pedalboard, we developed the technology to create replaceable distortion modules so you can swap the distortion circuit in the ASABI without having to buy a completely new pedal! Because we all like to try out new pedals, these affordable modules allow you to buy the pedal once and update it with new modules all the time!

The MODERN HIGH GAIN module that ships with the ASABI is based on the venerable Marshall JCM800 and delivers true Marshall “Amp In a Box Distortion” at any volume. Coupled with an active EQ, 4x clipping options, and our innovative Gain Cycle feature, the MODERN HIGH GAIN module gives you a plethora of tones ranging from classic rock to crushing heavy metal!

To push the distortion even further into clipping, and to cut through the mix perfectly on its own, the overdrive side of the ASABI features an incredibly touch sensitive overdrive circuit. Designed for maximum transparency, the overdrive on the ASABI is completely flat in its frequency response with no mid hump or unnatural artifacts. The ASABI overdrive is your tone, perfectly pushed.

Just like the distortion side, the overdrive circuit in the ASABI features 4x clipping options to perfectly dial in your overdriven tones.

The distortion side features:

  • Removable distortion modules with new modules being released all the time!
  • 3 band active EQ
  • 4 clipping options with automatic level matching
  • Our innovative Gain Cycle feature

The overdrive side features:

  • Touch sensitive, transparent overdrive
  • 4 clipping options with automatic level matching

The pedal also features full midi control of clipping options for each circuit as well as gain cycle and on/off status.