Sehat Effectors

Producing with Pedals is a series about using guitar pedals in creative applications when recording and mixing.

Usually, I take a pedal and write a song with it, using the pedal on every instrument. In my most recent episode, I feature a builder from Indonesia who is making some of the most interesting (and noisy) pedals around. The company is Sehat Effectors, run by one man named Putro.

The pedals featured in the video are the Moisture Fuzz, a brutal octave fuzz with extreme clipping and the ability to self-oscillate, and the Masjidil Echo, a lo-fi delay with wild time-based modulation.

Griffin Jennings
(Griffin shoots videos for Delicious Audio’s YouTube and Instagram channels – contact paolo if interested in having him produce a video of your pedals)

00:00 Intro
00:51 Moisture Fuzz
01:15 Masjidil Echo
02:22 Individual Tracks and Pedal Settings
03:54 Full Song