Cascade Harmonic Energizer

Recently highlighted by the JHS Show, the Interchange Noises On Air is the second clone of the Harmonic Energizer filter/drive/fuzz we stumble upon in a few months, although, to be perfectly honest, the other one (the TWA Triskelion), is more than just a clone.

Used by revered masters of the six strings like Zappa and Adrian Belew, the original unit was used to deliver distorted cocked-wah sounds, or to feed a more mid-rich tone to fuzzes that tend to suck out the mids, like muff-style pedals.

The Frequency knob sweeps the boosted frequency, while Bandwidth boosts it. Level and Gain provide volume and saturation.

Cascade Harmonic Energizer, Builders’ Notes

A honest-to-goodness clone of the Harmonic Energizer filter/drive/fuzz that was the secret weapon of Frank Zappa, as well as Adrian Belew, Reeves Gabrels. It’s one of Analog Mike’s (Analog Man) “Hens-tooth” pedals. It’s kind of a drive/fuzz, but is really a filter section from a synth used like a parametric eq married to a gnarly distortion pedal with humongous output. It will beat your clean channel or NMV amp into blissfully orgasmic submission at a tuned frequency range of your choosing. Or conversely you can use it to tune your feedback for infinite sustain/feedback. It rocks and originals sell for about $1k when they are occasionally sold. This one has board mounted pots, top jacks, 125B enclosure, LED, high quality Alpha 3PDT switch, and artwork that mimics the design of the original, impossible to find Systech units.

All Cascade Pedals come with a Lifetime Warranty.