Spaceman Saturn VI


The stompboxes by Portland’s Spaceman Effects always have something special about them, and we are not surprised that their version of what’s argualby the least “special” of effects (a booster) turns out to be a lot more than what its name implies.

Introduced as a “Harmonic Booster,” the Spaceman Saturn VI is both a boost and an overdrive. The new addition to v. VI is a Tone knob that allows to taylor the high frequencies to your likings.

Open and dynamic, the pedal adds up to 35db of volume when you turn all the way up both the Boost and Gain knobs. Each knob adds a similar amount of volume, but the latter adds more harmonic distortion to the signal, opening up tonal options in the way the pedal interacts with your amp or other gain pedals.

Here are a few videos of it!


Spaceman Saturn VI, Builder’s Notes


Simultaneously a harmonic-laden boost and low-gain overdrive, the Saturn VI eludes categorization.  An update to the renowned Saturn V released in 2012, we’ve added new features which really take this unique circuit to the next level.


Within its intuitive control layout, the heart of the Saturn VI lies with the Boost and Drive controls. Using Boost alone gives you 18db of harmonic gain to push your tubes through the event horizon. Adjusting the Drive control brings more harmonic distortion, while also increasing the total output of the pedal.  Cranking both controls to max will yield 35db of boost, full of complex harmonic character.


The Saturn VI brings a general openness to the top end of the frequency spectrum, while keeping bass frequencies fully present, tight and controlled.  We’ve added a new Tone circuit to allow customization of the treble frequencies, so you can adjust for the perfect amount of sparkle.  The harmonic distortion present is extremely dynamic.  Play with a light touch and you’ll get a clean tone, but dig in and the Saturn VI will respond.

The drive texture within the Saturn VI is comprised of both odd and even harmonics.  The Boost side of the pedal is focused on subtle even-order harmonics, while the Drive side increases these and brings odd-order harmonics to the mix.  While it excels as a harmonic booster, the Saturn VI crosses into the realm of overdrive when using the Drive control.  It also works well with other pedals, opening new sonic dimensions with boost, fuzz, and overdrive effects.


Hand wired and built in Portland, Oregon, the Saturn VI features true-bypass relay switching with a soft-touch footswitch.  On top of the cast-aluminum enclosure sits a durable, engraved vinyl faceplate and red jewel indicator light. This pedal is built to last a lifetime.