After the resounding success of the TONEX Amp/Cab Modeler (largish) pedal, the tiny IK Multimedia TONEX ONE is the natural evolution of that product, packing all of its power and tone in a mini enclosure. Oh and… it’s in stereo!

Needless to say, due to the small size, most of the parameter tweaking must happen in the free app, aka the TONEX Software, which predates the pedals by several years, as part of the AmpliTube plugin platform.

Through the software, which lets you capture the tone of real amps via IR files, you can transfer new Tone Models from your library, ToneNET. With the ability to store up to 20 presets (assignable to three interchangeable preset slots)  and access over 22,000 additional free Tone Models, the sonic possibilities are virtually endless.

The hardware features four knobs with double function: the big one will deal with both Gain and Volume, while the smaller yellow ones control, from left to right, Bass/Gate, Mids/Compression and Treble/Stereo Reverb.

If connected via a USB-C audio it can be also used as an audio interface for recording on Mac/PC. Its versatile connectivity options and compact design make it ideal also for solo practice or full band sans amp rehearsals. And the pricetag of $179 is incredibly tempting…

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