Line 6 HX One MultiFX Pedal

Line 6 just unveiled the smallest sibling in the Helix family: the HX ONE. Just like the other members of the family, this is a stereo featuring a variety of effects (over 250), plus a host of other features belonging to the Helix DNA like Midi compatibility and presets.

The hardware of this almost compact pedal features four knobs and 3 push buttons to navigate the LED, and two footswitches for bypassing and tap tempo duties, but also for navigating presets.

A couple of interesting features are the Flux function, which lets you adjust multiple effect parameters simultaneously over a predetermined period through a single footswitch press, and the adjustable input impedance, which can drastically change the guitar tone but also allow the unit to work with synths and other line-level devices.

Here are the first videos of the Line 6 HX One.

HX® One is a powerful stereo effect pedal that easily fits onto any pedalboard. It features intuitive controls, 250+ effects taken from HX family processors, a unique Flux Controller, a jack for connecting an optional expression pedal or two footswitches, adjustable input impedance, and a choice of true or buffered DSP bypass. HX One may be powered using the included 9V power supply or most third-party power supplies, making it easy to add to your pedalboard.

  • 250+ Effects taken from the HX family processors
  • Intuitive controls make selecting and editing effects easy
  • Flux Controller for automating parameter changes
  • Adjustable input impedance to match your instrument
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru connectors (receives PC and CC messages)
  • 128 Preset slots

Flux enables you to adjust multiple effect parameters simultaneously over a predetermined period of time—all with a single footswitch press.

The input impedance of a pedal determines to what extent the signal from your instrument’s pickup or pickups is “impeded,” which affects both tone and feel. Adjustable Input Impedance enables you to compensate for pickups of various signal strengths.

Press the HOME button to view the currently selected effect and its three primary parameters on the OLED display in the Home View. Additional views supporting tasks such as loading or saving presets and configuring controller and device settings are also available.

Use standard 1/4″ cables to connect your guitar, bass guitar, or mono pedals to the L/MONO input. Connect stereo pedals, keyboards, synths, or modelers to both the L/MONO and RIGHT inputs.

Connect the HX One hardware to your MIDI gear to receive program change and continuous controller messages, and input MIDI Clock.

Connect an expression pedal (using a TS cable) or dual footswitch (with a TRS connector) to control assigned effect parameters.

MIDI In and Out/Thru connectors enable HX One to receive program change, continuous controller, and other MIDI messages from external sources.