One-knob devices have their charm, in particular when they sound really good, and that is, in a few words, what Falmouth, UK’s pedal builder Horrothia FX specializes in.

A one-man operation by recording engineer Tom Oakes, the company strives to build effects that offer studio-quality sound and simplicity of operation. Their first pedal, the Type One Chorus, delivers just that, in Stereo.

Presented as an “analog chorus ensemble effect,” the Type One is loosely modeled after the BOSS CE-1. It shares that pedal’s unique LFO shape but was fine-tuned for maximum clean headroom, minimal noise, and flawless bass response. The lone knob controls the speed of the modulation, but the effect offers a stereo frequency spread also at zero setting, when there is no modulation.

The arcade-style footswitch can be set up to work both in latching of momentary mode.

The Horrothia FX Type One represents an interesting new take in the current chorus pedals niche, and, because of this, we added it to our list of Best Stereo Chorus Pedals.

The Type One is a stereo analogue chorus ensemble effect.  It is loosely modelled around the DNA of the true sultan of chorus, the Boss CE-1 from the mid-1970s.  Both use a very unique LFO waveform unlike any other chorus or vibrato pedal.  Like the CE-1, the sound quality is ethereal and encompassing, especially when listened to in stereo.  It also does that John Frusciante thing.

The Type One has been finely tuned to give maximum clean headroom, so even a strummed bass, a synth, or a humbuckered guitar won’t hit the stops.  Likewise, if you are a low frequency warrior, the Type One won’t rob you of Lo Hz.  The Type One features a very low quiescent noise floor, so it is as equally at home in a studio as in front of a cranked amp on a festival stage. 

The stereo output sockets can be used to drive two amplifiers (dry and wet) to get true “mid-air” chorusing, or just Mono can be used for a single amp.  In addition, the high quality military grade footswitch can be set to be either latching or momentary.