Dominion Electric Faceless Fuzz

The Dominion Electric Faceless Fuzz is a Canada-made, handbuilt pedal inspired, as you may have guessed, by the vintage Fuzz Face designed around quite literally “hand-picked” NOS Germanium/Silicon transistors and other quality components: the builder lets you pick from Texas Instruments BC183L (Silicon), Telefunken BC108C (Silicon). RCA 2N404 (Germanium) and BART (Germanium). Needless to say, each transistor will impart a slightly different character to the fuzz.

Besides the two classic controls for Fuzz and Level (which can push your amp way beyond the vintage units for extra sweet saturation), the Faceless Fuzz also features a useful internal controls: a bias trimmer with dual test pads lets you tweak the fuzz’s spittiness.

Here’s how it sounds.