A variation of a dual Klon/Dumble overdrive released in 2022, the Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium Raw uses different components to offer tones more suitable for guitarists playing genres ranging from blues to rock rather than from jazz to blue.

The functionality is identical to the original device: enhanced Klon-inspired circuit on the right channel and Dumble-style amp in a box on the left one, with options for both the sought-after tones of the Super Overdrive and the Steel String Singer amps.

What changes in the Raw version are the following items:

  • The Mod mode on the Klon side (which used silicon diodes in combination with the stock germanium diodes to deliver higher output and less compression) is replaced by a OC45 Mode employing New Old Stock Mullard/Valvo OC45 germanium transistors used for higher gain clipping resulting delivering more compression and therefore longer sustain.
  • On the Dumble side, the overall tone was tweaked to sound glassier rather than smooth.

On the practical side of things, Unobtanium Raw also features a power-up bypass/engage pre-set function for the footswitches that lets you select which state your pedal will go to when you plug it in.