Henretta Engineering square mini pedals

We noticed these Henretta Engineering pedals at Main Drag Music during our Stompbox Exhibit back in October – they weren’t part of the show – and we got intrigued by them…

These mini stomp boxes are described as simple, small footprint pedals packing a lot of tone into a well designed enclosure with impressive circuitry. You can find the full list of effects here, they are all priced at  $125 and there’s a bunch of them for all tastes (lots of distortions and boosts of course, but also an octave up, a filter and a tremolo). They all have internal trimmers that allow for extra control.

Interestingly enough, these guys have a square footprint that differs from all the other mini stompboxes (think Mooer or the mini TC Electronic ones), which tend to be rectangular. I guess in some cases you may just have space for a square mini-pedal on your board, no? Also, it’s hard to tell without a direct comparison, but overall they seem to have a smaller perimeter.

The company also has larger format stompboxes like the  ‘Chord Blaster’ ($140), an EQ based overdrive/fuzz which essentially functions as a multi-band distortion box.

Here are a couple of videos to get an idea of how they sound: