kazoos 5001

I have to say, I’ve seen a lot of pedals, but not many made out of wood. The Dutch Kazoo was one of the prettiest (and biggest) pedals to participate in our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit last month. Needless to say, it’s not just about the looks, this is a very versatile fuzz with an original circuit. From the builders’ website:

Its two-stage overdrive interacts with a blendable kazoo filter and tone control to present a palette of tones from slight overdrive to heavily saturated psychedelic fuzz to metallic noise. True bypass switching maintains the integrity of the guitar signal – or whatever you put through it – with the fuzz switched off. The innovative fuzz circuit was designed by high-flying high-fi guru JC Morrison.

Hand assembled in the US (not the Netherlands, as you obviously assumed), the Dutch Kazoo is available in 5 graphic designs (Fox, Cyclops, Kazoos, Flowers, and Bats), and has an illustrious fan in Mudhoney guitarist Mark Arm. Check out the video demo!