Siren Pedals is a Nashville-based pedal company that’s moving fast! Founder Scott Schwertly bought his first pedal in 2018, and became so obsessed by the format that in early 2020 he already had a company with a first pedal release! We stumbled upon them at Summer NAMM 2021 and heard their new release, the Etana Overdrive, a Lindsay Ell signature pedal.

This is a three-knob device built in the US that can deliver anything from a clean overdrive to a more aggressive saturation bordering on distortion. It features three different clipping options through the Clip toggle switch.

Check out the demo videos:

This is Etana – the Lindsay Ell signature pedal.

With Etana’s grace and strength of purpose, your tone will be taken to new heights. This elegant yet powerful pedal does it all – from a nice clean overdrive to an unexpected and very delightful punch.

Prepare to be marveled by her beauty and might.

Here’s what you get with this amazing pedal:

  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Plenty of clean overdrive
  • Smooth tone
  • 3 clipping options

Plus, this is Lindsay’s Ell signature pedal. It won’t disappoin