standard phaseurb7

Every once in a while I stumble across a pedal manufacturer that seems to really think outside of the (stomp) box. 4ms Pedals is one of those companies and has an eclectic product line ranging from DIY noise synth kits to guitar effects to Eurorack modular synth modules. All of the products are handmade and have a huge emphasis on tweaking, modding and customization. I recommend checking out their website and viewing a good bit o their YouTube content. You’ll be impressed with the sounds you’ll hear.

One of the pedals that caught my eye is the Phaseur Fluer. The website describes it as a six stage analog phase shifter with a multitude of controls. Apparently this pedal is capable of one thousand eighty degrees of phase shift from wavering, fluttering vibrato to a full phasing chorus. The unit uses optical components for ultra-clean analog phasing. Optional mods include a variety of wave shapers, expression pedal jacks for floor control of speed and/or depth as well as extra LFOs to either modulate the speed of the main LFO (fast-slow-fast-slow), mix into the main for a “dual phasing” effect.

bosons hadron74

This is a True-bypass circuit with LED indicator. Powered by standard 9V packed into a 4″ square box with a wild paint job. The pedal is available in two varieties and a kit on 4ms Pedals’ website. You can get the original Phaseur Fleur or the Phaseur Moire CV with 3 LFOs and CV inputs. Really neat pedal from a really neat company. –Gus Green