shure thing

At NAMM 2103 Chicago-based manufacturer Shure announced a new, affordable and really unique wireless system for guitarists, the GLX-D6, which is both a powerful transmitter and a reliable stompbox tuner. The GLX-D6 shares with the other Shure new wireless systems the Automatic Frequency Management technology, which – working on 4 different frequencies – guarantees pristine quality without cuts or interference. The GLX-D6 can be placed directly on the pedal board, and has the same features as the table top receiver GLXD-4. The tuner has adjustable pitch and two visual modes to choose from (strobe and needle). It can be conveniently recharged via a regular USB connection – 15 minute of charge will give you 1 ½ hours of power. More info at

Video courtesy of AmericanMusical.