The Ground Control Bread Oath is a new overdrive by the Montreal boutique builder best known for giving guitarists of the world the unique EQ pedal Noodles.

An evolution of the first pedal ever built by company owner Sébastien Vézina under the Ground Control label, the Bread Oath is a low to mid-gain opamp-based overdrive with Silicon and Germanium clipping modes.

It features a footswitch-activated pre-gain stage acting as a boost, useful for standing out during chorus or matching the rhythm section during loud choruses.

A Tone control allows for some degree of tone sculpting.

Check out how this baby sounds in the videos below.

Ground Control Bread Oath Overdrive, Builder’s Notes

The Bread Oath is a low-mid gain, opamp-based overdrive, designed to push your amp into breakup and sprinkle in some clipping harmonics of its own. The Bread Oath features both Si and Ge clipping modes as well as a secondary pre-gain stage for those parts where you need to go in hard.

VOL: Controls the output volume of the pedal.
GAIN: Controls the am ount of am plification from the clipping stage.
PRE: Controls the amount of gain from the preamp stage, before the clipping stage.
TONE: Rolls off the amount of treble going into the clipping stage, after the preamp stage.
PRE SWITCH: Toggles the preamp stage.
BYP SWITCH: Toggles the bypass for the entire pedal. The pream p stage is also bypassed when the effect is on.