Ground FX Keto V2

Ambient and shoegazer music relies heavily on a hefty amount of reverb and modulation (mostly chorus) applied to guitars and other sounds, and because of this, there’s a growing niche of pedals that offer both effects in one box: enter the Ground FX Keto V2.

Hailing from Germany, this is a “character device” that delivers a lo-fi style chorus inspired by the units from the ’80s with Rate and Depth controls followed by a spring reverb whose amount can be set via the Room knob.

The Level dial controls a preamp that makes up for the gain loss you get whenever you apply a reverb to a sound.

Here ar the videos of V1, same circuit, larger case.

Chorus & Reverb

The Keto is a chorus with additional reverb. Expect dreamy lo-fi ambient tones. This is the V2. We reduced the size, complexity.and the price.

Our Keto gives you classic 80th chorus sounds up to a lush vibrato. On top of that, you get a spring-like reverb and a built-in preamp.


• Lo-Fi Chorus (Depth, Rate)
• Reverb (Room)
• Integrated Preamp (Level)
• Soft-touch switch, relay true bypass
• 9V DC, 2,1mm, center negative