The Cornerstone Imperivm is a new dual overdrive by an Italian company that has built a super solid reputation mostly through one of the best D-Style overdrives on the market, the Gladio. The new release marries that very circuit with the company’s take on the Tube Screamer, aka the Antique overdrive. The two channels are stackable and have each its own footswitch.

As usual with the cornerstone pedals, the device offers plenty of tweakability for increased versatility, including the possibility of switching the routing order through the G/A switch placed right in the middle of the stompbox.

Each channel features your expected Volume, Gain and Tone knobs but, while the Antique side has an extra Presence knob, the Gladio’s channel features a Clean control that reflects the one-channel version of the standalone pedal, allowing to fine-tune the interaction between clean and saturated tones.

The Compression switches, one per channel, deliver a more compressed option, while the Mids switch on the Antique side allows making that channel less colored by in part removing the typical mid bump that’s the signature sound of Tube Screamers.

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Cornerstone Imperivm, Builder’s Notes

The Screamer meets the Dumble

The Mayer Screamer meets the Robben Dumble. unleash the power of two great classic sounds paired together to offer a unseen combination of tones.

Imagine you can put together and mix two very different and legendary sounds: a Robben Ford style Dumble and John Mayer trio screamer-ish tones.

Imagine you can stack them in two different ways and control them independently.

In other words: imagine you can have our renowned Gladio SC and Antique packed in the same pedal and here you have the IMPERIUM.

Gladio SC and Antique, the two sides of the IMPERIUM, is a special combination of pedals. If combined they’ll make your tone : Powerful yet dynamic. Creamy yet defined. Full yet not dark.