Fryette Amplification is best known for their hand-built, high quality guitar amps and cabinets, and soon they’ll add a line of pedals to their repertoire. The Sound Effects series of tube-driven pedals will debut with the S.A.S. distortion and Boostassio boost, and should be available for around $199 street. Premier Guitar has the details on the first pedals from Fryette:

“Both pedals are true bypass and are powered by a single EF86 pentode tube (not interchangeable with 12AX7 or similar types). Fryette says, “A selected Tung-Sol EF86 is chosen for low microphonics, ultra-quiet operation and extended tube life. The EF86 is powered by a super low-noise high output internal power transformer for maximum dynamic range and bullet-proof reliability.”

On the S.A.S. (pictured above):

“Waves of distorted mutilation crash against sonic temples as notes radiate into the stratosphere. S.A.S. is possibly the most beautifully ugly distortion device you will ever encounter. Introducing an innovative pentode driven, variable bias tube design, S.A.S can produce anything from slightly edgy clean boost to a full-blown flaming Strat euphoria. An EF86 tube is selected for its “balls out” character, exceptional gain and low noise.”

At the time of writing, Freyette Amps didn’t have any additional info on their website, but look for the new line of pedals to debut in eary 2011. –Mike Bauer

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