The peculiar pedal building / farm running company of Farm Pedals caught many ears’ attention at the 2018 Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. Here’s a demo of their Boost + Overdrive AB Double Drive. It features the circuit of their now discontinued Peach Drive on one side and a clean boost on the other.

Guitarist Aaron Bowen was an early adopter of our, now discontinued, Peach Drive.  He loved and used it, but wanted something cleaner to pair it with… so we went to work and created the AB Double Drive.  This pedal has the Peach Drive in it, first in the chain, and then has a super clean, non-coloring, but somewhat thickening boost.  Use them separate or together… but beware, if you dime everything and run it all together it could make your amp very unhappy… these are two very powerful boosts.

Jacks: In on the right, Out on the left.

B Side.  This a modified version of our old Peach Drive.  Slightly gritty ultra transparent, tonally flat overdrive. This pedal adds clarity and crunch at the same time. It’s wonderful for pushing tube amps and works really well giving solid state amps a responsive tube-like grit.
V: Volume
G: Gain. Cleanish crisp to crackling overdrive. It works to take out some of the teeth, it never cleans up totally, but more is more, and less is less.