Electrofoods Ultd Germ Warfare

We’ll let the expert YouTube demo-man Ryan describe what this new germanium boost from Electrofoods does and how it sounds:

The Germ Warfare is a germanium boost that does a lot more than just slam your signal and add distortion. You can use the intuitive EQ to brighten a muddy guitar or darken a bright amplifier. The extra gain and subtle grit of the NOS transistors will make, not only your amp, but all of your other pedals sound better. Place it in front of your favorite fuzz pedal for some added mojo. Toss it on before your overdrive pedal for solo boost that’ll cut through the mix. Crank the gain, boost the mids, and up the treble, and the Germ Warfare is a solid overdrive on its own. All Electrofoods Unlimited pedals are handmade and hand wired in Philadelphia by Matt & Carl. 

Three otherworldly Soviet germanium transistors in this original circuit provide a grit that is warm and organic, while active treble and mids controls let you dial in exactly the sound you want. A deep switch extends the low frequency response for basses, keys, and downtuned guitars. With all that plus a massive amount of volume on tap, the Germ Warfare is a Je Ne Sais Quoi generator – it will make your amp and all of your other pedals sound better.
***Controls Description***
Gain – Roll clockwise for a gritty, organic boost. Roll counterclockwise to add a hint of gain, warmth and character to your signal.
Norm/Deep – Two position toggle switch. Deep lets all of your original low-end content through. Norm rolls off some of the lows for a tighter sound.
Treble – Active treble control with a ton of treble on tap. Start with the control at 9 o’clock for a flat response. Roll counterclockwise for reduced treble, and clockwise for a whole lot more.
Mids – Two position toggle switch. Flat is…well, flat. Boost adds 6db of gain to your middle frequencies for cut and clarity.
Volume – There is an extreme amount of volume on tap. This. Pedal. Gets. Loud. Start with this knob low and slowly dial up until you reach the volume you want.
Each Electrofoods Ultd pedal is hand-made in Philadelphia, PA by two wildly unreasonable people. Each design is the result of a ludicrous amount of R&D, hours of high-volume testing, and more revisions than we can count.