Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Nano1

“Vintage” is a word that keeps inspiring many guitarists (and collectors of all kinds). Electro Harmonix, one of the very first manufacturers to unleash the creative possibilities of the stompbox format, has a series of pedals that can be filed under that category, and the 1970s Overdrive CMOS Hot Tubes is definitely one of those – see a video below of the original (and rather bulky) unit, now quite pricey and hard to find.

So I guess we have some bad news for those who own one of those “vintage” Hot Tubes… Listening to many guitarists who requested a re-issue of that pedal, EHX has just announced the Hot Tubes Nano, which¬†uses the exact same design as the original but in a much smaller case.

Here’s what you can expect from it.

Volume and Overdrive let you go from a gentle rasp that caresses your notes to a full-blown gain monster with a powerhouse punch. Sculpt your sound with the Tone control, or take a detour around the tone circuit with the Tone On/Off switch. True bypass for a pristine signal chain.