Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron

NYC’s Electro-Harmonix continues the process of miniaturization of its classic pedals with the Nano Q-Tron, a compact version of the Micro version, which was already considerably smaller than the “Mini” one, not to mention the original, a larger than life beast.

For the unaware, Q-Tron is the company’s flagship envelope filter pedal, a niche they pioneered since the ’70s. The new version doesn’t seem to introduce any technical innovation compared to previous interactions, besides the space-saving size and a Volume knob.

The other three knobs are Mode (which selects between three types of filters: Low Pass, Band Bass and High Pass), Drive (basically, the sensitivity setting) and Q, which controls the shape of the resonance’s curve.

You can hear the sound of the Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron Envelope Filter in the video below.

Envelope controlled filter is an effect type that ventures beyond the mainstream yet is equally at home in a wide range of genres and equally effective on guitar, bass, keys, horns and more. Electro-Harmonix is a pioneer in this effect category and has been making envelope controlled filter pedals since the 1970s! The Nano Q-Tron springboards off that deep heritage.

Here’s how it works: The Nano Q-Tron responds to the user’s playing style and dynamics. The volume of the input signal it receives (also called the envelope) controls the cutoff or center frequency of a swept filter. This allows the Nano Q-Tron to create tone-altering effects ranging from subtle to dynamic, auto-wah to ultra-funky. It’s all about how you play and it’s super interactive.

Compact harmony generating, pitch-shifting powerhouse
Impeccable tracking and superb musical tone
Two distinct modes: Intelligent Harmony and Polyphonic.
Intelligent Harmony Mode generates diatonic harmonies in a set key based on the single notes you play. Key Selector and #/- switches provide access to all 12 keys.
In Polyphonic Override Mode you can play single notes and chords. The IHM’s 11-position Interval Selector switch lets you select the harmony.
In Momentary Mode the effect is only active when the footswitch is depressed. Choose from instant shifts or set the time it takes the signal to sweep up and down.
Mix control sets the mix between your dry and shifted signals. Dry output adds signal routing and control options and flexibility
Comes equipped with an EHX 9 Volt power supply, can also run on 9 Volt battery