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The ideal controller for our guitar pedals’ knobs would be some kind of sci-fi brainwave sensor that telepathically changes the settings effortlessly, exactly the way we want, while we focus on playing. While waiting for somebody to come up with that device, we should be happy there’s an affordable solution that allows us to tweak our stompboxes’ knobs without having to bend over: we are referring to the Oknob, a little plastic lever that facilitates control of one knob per pedal (or more, if there’s enough space) with our foot.

This past year we familiarized with Oknob and its glowing sister GloKnob at our Brooklyn and Austin Stompbox Exhibits. Earlier this summer the guys from Option Knob presented a new member of this family, the VKnob, designed to attach to your guitar’s volume knob. Definitely cheaper than am expression pedal, and… its footprint is so small it doesn’t exist!

Check out the video below for an extensive demo of how each knob works and should be installed.