Teisco Delay

We blogged a few times about the return of vintage Japanese brand Teisco to the forefront of the guitar world with the release of three new pedals, and we’ll now focus our attention on their Delay.

Delivering up to 600ms of delay time, the Teisco Delay, with its warm and dark repeats, belongs to the “colored” analog delay category, therefore producing a sound comparable to vintage units. On the other hand, though, it’s also capable of wild and noisy self-oscillation at extreme Feedback settings, making it also palatable for more experimental guitarists.

The pedal also features a fully featured Modulation section to add that pleasant liquid vintage character to the repeats. A direct out is a nice addition for those who like to play with multiple amps and unusual routing.

Check out these videos below, we added the Teisco Delay to our list of Best Analog Delays.

The Teisco Delay celebrates everything beloved about analog delays — dark, warm repeats and the ability to cascade your signal into oblivion. With up to 600ms delay time, a rich Modulation section and a Direct Out for the ultimate tone chasers who want to run wet/dry rigs, the Teisco Delay is a bold step into the world of experimental analog delays.

This pedal comes in a premium zinc housing, with recessed screws, removable feet and a textured base for stronger velcro-sticking.

  • Controls: Level, Feedback, Time, Modulation Depth and Rate, Fast/Slow Switch, Direct Out
  • Power: Standard 9V DC with 2.1mm center-negative barrel
  • Current: 19mA
  • Switching: True bypass
  • Dimensions: 94 x 132 x 31.4 mm (w/o feet, 32.8 mm w/ feet)