The Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz represents the LA via Brazil company’s entry into not only the expanding market of the dual channel overdrive but also the multifaceted universe of “Klones:” the pedal comprises a Blues Breaker-style circuit (aka Circuit #0) and one inspired by the Klon Centaur (aka Circuit #1), each with a dedicated footswitch and controls for Volume, Gain (Honey knob) and Tone (Taste knob).

However, the Beetronics guys are known for pushing the stompbox envelope, came up with a unique routing system that allows the player not only to choose the order of the two circuits’ routing (found in lots of dual drives) but also to run them in parallel – which is rather unique and sonically intriguing. That’s what the

The pedal also features three toggle switches that perform different functions.

  • The top toggle – controls the clean blend of the Klon circuit. 1 No Clean Blend / 2 Medium Clean Blend / 3 Full Clean Blend
  • The toggle in the middle lets you switch the routing system of the two circuits: the right position gives you 0 into 1; the left position 1 into 0; the center setting places them in parallel. The master volumes work like a mixer in this case.
  • The bottom toggle – placed between the two Volume knobs – gives you 3 EQ options: Flat, Mid Bump, and Bass Bump.

All these options give you a very multifaceted pedal that can produce classic tones from clean boost to very distorted sounds and everything in between, blending the character of two classic overdrive circuits.