The Diffractor Soundings Arboretum is a tweaker’s dream stereo tremolo.

This not exactly compact stompbox might as well redefine versatility within the tremolo nice. Inside, a unique digital LFO circuit offers a plethora of waveforms to modulate your 100% analog input signal.

The “Mode” feature elevates this pedal to new heights, taking you beyond the typical tremolo experience and into the realm of sonic experimentation, offering a second waveform (also selectable among 8 options) that can modulate the tremolo’s speed, depth or both.

With the Arboretum, you’re in command of a vast array of tremolo sounds. Whether you crave the silky warmth of a sine waveform or the sharp, rhythmic pulse of a square waveform, this pedal offers an extensive selection, unveiling a world of creative exploration.

The LFO’s speed can be controlled via Tap Tempo (+6 Multiplier options), and for the foot-active and  synth-inclined, the Arboretum is ready to sync up with your expression pedal or a CV signal (0-5V).

Diffractor Soundings Arboretum Tremolo, Builder’s Notes

The Arboretum Tremolo is designed to be a truly versatile stereo tremolo. The unique digital LFO inside was specifically created to be able to offer a wide variety of waveforms to modulate the input signal that remains 100% analog. But it is the “Mode” feature that makes this pedal particular as it allows you to go way beyond the “classic” use of a tremolo and explore more experimental aspects of this effect.

The Arboretum covers a large range of different tremolo sounds. From the warmth of a sine waveform to the “hardness” of a choppy square waveform, this pedal allows you to choose between a great variety of sounds and opens many creative possibilities.

The Arboretum can also function with an expression pedal or with a CV signal (0-5V).

Power requirement: 9v DC center negative (or 9.6V max) 200mA.