Muir Silicon Steel Drive

The Muir Silicon Steel is a dirt box that blends a solid state overdrive with a transformer-based gain circuit, subtly adding non-linearity and magnetic saturation to your signal.

The transformer gain stage is Silicon Steel’s secret sauce—low strings resonate with chords, higher gain delivers a distinctive overdrive with a unique harmonic profile, and yet always preserving your instrument’s character.

The 2-band EQ seems simple but is surprisingly flexible: Mid-cut and mid-boost frequencies are subtly tuned differently in the two EQ controls which interact with each other offering a broader EQ range beyond the easy dual-knob EQ setup.

Muir Silicon Steel Drive, Builder’s Notes

Silicon Steel Overdrive is a unique design transformer gain stage overdrive pedal for guitarists, offering a wide range of tones from a touch of warm overdrive through to meaty crunch and beyond to sizzling but smooth hot solo tones. The surprisingly versatile custom designed 2-band EQ offers a quick and effective way to dial in your best tones.