Hola knob lovers!

We are super excited to unveil the 2nd issue of Delicious Audio, our triannual print and online magazine! You can read it in its interactive, digital version, below (or here), and in print at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox & Synth Expo, scheduled for June 8-9.

This issue is mostly focused on synth pedals, with the main feature dedicated to understanding the key differences between different stompboxes in that niche. Two smaller articles (12) focus on integration with Eurorack modules.

Of course, there is also a section about the non-synth pedals participating in the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit, and a final article about the new synths (Eurorack included) released in 2019 – they’ll all be at the Brooklyn Synth Expo for you to play with!

Oh and a quick mention about our cover! We asked all the pedal companies we are in touch with to recommend their favorite illustrator, promising to pick one for the cover design. The winner of this impromptu “contest” was Durham, NC’s Chris Williams, who worked with Dusky Amps on some pedal designs like the Mandorla Boost. We think he did an awesome job!

Here’s our 2nd issue, hope you enjoy it!

The folks at Delicious Audio

P.S. Here’s the 1st issue of Delicious Audio.