These are five of our most popular articles, we update them 3-5 times a year.

Here we are comparing their all-time views with the most popular videos about similar topics.

Best Klon Clones
Andertones: 284K views (10 pedals, early 2021)
Delicious Audio: 186K views (60+ pedals, 2017)
JHS Pedals: 153K views (10 or so pedals, 2020)
Premier Guitar: 116K views (5 pedals, 2020)

Best Plexi Pedals
That Pedal Show: 262K views (7 pedals, 2016)
Delicious Audio: 127K views (50+ pedals, 2017)
Andertones: 111K views (7 pedals, 2021)
Bonedo: 25K views (7 pedals, 2020)

Best Dumble Pedals
The GigRig: 493K views (7 pedals, 2016)
Delicious Audio: 69K views (30+ pedals, 2018)
Bonedo: 37K views (7 pedals, 2020)

Best Reverb Pedals
JHS: 504K views (15 pedals, early 2021)
PMTVUK: 264K views (7 pedals, 2017)
Delicious Audio: 221K views (100+ pedals, from 2018, multiple articles)
Thomann 181K views (5 pedals, 2017)

Best Delay Pedals
JHS: 251K views (20 pedals, 2020)
That Pedal Show: 168K views (13 pedals, 2020)
Delicious Audio: 128K views (100+ pedals, 2018, multiple articles)
PMTVUK: 105K views (2018, 8 pedals)

Other Pages

The list below shows how much traffic our most popular “best of” articles had in November 2021 (we are hiding part of the addresses to avoid leaks that might help our competitors).

The average time spent on these articles is 4′ and 42″, which is twice the internet average (which is 2-3 minutes).

95% of this traffic comes from Google Searches. Imagine a store being visited by 50k+ people a month (the blog’s total traffic is around 60k/mo), all actively looking to buy a specific pedal.

Wouldn’t you want to have a sign in that store promoting your company?


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