The MidValley FX Secret Weapon is an affordable, hand built in the US heavy gated fuzz capable of delivering tones ranging from heavy industrial fuzz to that dying battery lo-fi thing.

Check out the videos below, more info about the pedal at the bottom.

MidValleyFx brand new Secret Weapon fuzz is an all original, hand wired, mean sounding voltage glitch fuzz that is capable of heavy industrial fuzz to dying battery lo fi goodness. Very user friendly so you aren’t spending more time dialing in a sound than you are playing. Set back the “depth” knob for more voltage glitches or have it all the way up for an all out attack. Diode blend really adds to the feel of your playing, so if you like a tighter response all the way to the left is silicon diode and as you start turning the knob clockwise you start to blend in the germanium diodes for a looser grittier feel.┬áTurn back the fuzz knob to 12 o clock and below and turn on your neck pickup and you’ll get a totally different unique fuzz sound. Sounds great on Guitar AND Bass! There’s a lot of tone available in the Secret weapon fuzz! All original in design and 100 percent hand wired.┬áThis pedal comes with a 2 year warranty, instructions and a red pedal box.