Swedish manufacturer Parasit Studios has created a stellar guitar synthesizer effect in a rather pedalboard-friendly size by the name of ‘Into the Unknown’. Sporting quite a few control parameters, the pedal can do everything from flanger-like modulation, theremin sounds, octave up and down, filter sweeps, and more.

Featuring 11+ control parameters, this pedal can create an almost endless number of sounds. It excels at psychedelic fuzzed-out octave tones, and can even get into mutated wah territory via filter modulation. It effortlessly delivers both synthetic and truly gnarly guitar tones .

What’s more, the ‘Into the Unknown’ can be purchased pre-assembled, or as a DIY project for true guitar geeks who like to have a hand in building their own gear. If you’re looking to be experimental and add a pedal to your chain that makes people go “WTF was that?!” then, by all means venture… ‘Into the Unknown’. – Brandon Stoner