Colortone Spring Reverb II

Hailing from Australia, the Colortone Spring Reverb II is a three-mode digital reverb voiced after classic vintage units and combined with two independent modulation filters: Vibrato and RotoTrem.

The three modes, selectable through the E S T toggle are the following:

  1. Echovberb, based on the ’90s Princeton PT2399 Echo, some sort of reverb/echo hybrid.
  2. Studio, inspired by the classic rack units from the ’90s, clean-sounding and with a soft tail.
  3. Tank, voiced after the classic spring reverbs of the ’70s, with bright, room-like reflections.

A finely tuned modulation circuit, controlled by the Mod knob and consisting in a mix of Vibrato and Rototrem, follows the reverb, adding subtle character and movement to the trails.

Hosted in a beautifully etched metal enclosure, this deceptively simple 4-knob pedal offers a surprising depth of features through 2 layers of controls per knob, with the 2nd layer accessible by holding the footswitch until the left LED turns red:

The 1st layer of controls set Decay, Tone and Modulation, plus a Volume knob to fine-tune the unit’s output.

The 2nd layer gives the player access to Delay time (in Echoverb mode), an extra Boost (up to 6 dbs), and Modulation Speed and Depth controls.

It also sports a True Bypass option accessible by tapping the fotswitch.

Check out the video of the Colortone Spring Reverb II, below.