Strymon Flint V2

The Strymon Flint is a thorough (and incredibly successful) stereo exploration of vintage spring reverb and tremolo tones, with three Tremolo types (emulating ’61 Harmonic, ’63 Power Tube and ’65 Photocell) and three Reverb types (’60s Spring, ’70s Electronic Plate and ’80s Hall Rack).

Reverb has controls for Color (tone), Decay and Mix, while tremolo features knobs for Intensity and Speed. The two pedals have separate on/off footswitches.

V2, released in 2020, has the same interface but extends the range of the tremolo’s speed to a slower LFO rate, all the way down to 1Hz. Also, the pre-delay’s time is now adjustable

We added the Strymon Flint V2 to our list of Best Reverb + Tremolo Pedal Combos.

This is the first version of the Flint – videos below.

Strymon Flint