The 3 Best Overdrive Pedals per Type
The 10 Best Budget Overdrive Pedals (New & Used)
Best Tube Screamer Pedals and Clones
Best Blues Breaker Clones and Evolutions
Best Klon Centaur Clones
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Below, the latest news about fuzz pedals

Missing Link Audio Superb Reverb

Messiah Guitars Eddie Boostdrive

J. Rockett Audio Designs HRM V2 D-Style Overdrive

Bondi Effects Del Mar mk2 Overdrive

Horrothia Triage Preamp

New Pedal: Vaderin Pedals Radio Dirtman Fuzz/Drive

New Pedal: Palmer The Solarist Fuzz

PRS Horsemeat Transparent Overdrive

DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp

New Pedal: FFX Goldmember Dual Overdrive

Fish Circuits Model One Overdrive

Lang Amps Overdrive/Boost