A Guide to the Best Budget Overdrive Pedals

Recently the guys at JHS Pedals have been stepping up their YouTube channel with videos not necessarily just focused on the company’s product, but also on vintage stompboxes and generic advice about pedals.

We stumbled upon this video with company founder Joshua Heath Scott highlighting his favorite 10 new or used budget overdrive pedals that can be currently bought for under $100:

Of course, we couldn’t resist the temptation to create one of our interactive galleries for it!

To subvert things a little, we organized them in the inverse order they appear in the video – also because Joshua said he left the best for last!

Attention, some of these pedals are very old, and for some of them we couldn’t find some top-notch videos. As usual, you get a brief pedal description with mouse-over (or first tap) and a video with a click (or second tap).

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