BOSS Dimension C DC-2w

Japanese pedal giant BOSS has been quiet on the compact series’ front for more than a year, focusing instead on the bigger workstation-type 500 Series.

That changed today, since they released the Dimension C DC-2w, a new, analog spatial effect hosted in their uber-familiar compact case format. This is a unit that takes their classic DC-2 Dimension C to new sonic places – or rather, old ones.

Yes because the original (and short-lived) DC-2 stompbox came out in 1985 and was based on the 1979 Roland SDD-320 Dimension D rack unit, an effect that created a unique stereo modulation that can be mistaken for a chorus…

Though time-based like a chorus, the Dimension’s circuit is quite unique and sophisticated, subtly enhancing the width and depth of the source audio without any prominent modulated movement. The resulting sound is more open and natural, gently enriching any instrument or mix without making it sound overly processed.

The rack version became highly sought after, and the C DC-2w emulates it and updates it, recreating the original four presets, which provide sonic variations with increasing width and depth.

Here are the most recent videos about this new stereo pedal, which works seamlessly with any instrument with a line output, adding a pleasing sense of depth and movement to it.

BOSS Dimension C DC-2w, Builder’s Notes

The genuine BOSS and Roland Dimension effect is back, and it’s now more versatile than ever! Designed in the premium Waza Craft analog tradition, the DC-2W offers not just a perfect sonic recreation of the original DC-2 Dimension C pedal, but also the legendary SDD-320 Dimension D studio rack effect it was based on. The DC-2W features the same intuitive four-button preset interface as the original ‘80s-era effects, now evolved with electronic switching that unlocks a multitude of sonic variations not available on the vintage units.

Highly sought-after by musicians and audio engineers, the Dimension’s unique spatial processing magically enhances the width and depth of any sound, from electric and acoustic guitars to keyboards, vocals, and other sources. Built from the original circuit designs and updated with modern refinements, the DC-2W is the only pedal available that delivers the classic Dimension experience with complete sonic authenticity

Just like the original Dimension effects, the DC-2W offers a simple and direct interface with four preset switches that provide sonic variations with increasing width and depth. While the originals had mechanical switches, the DC-2W is equipped with modern electronic switches and status LEDs for more solid performance. The new switches also allow you to press two at once to access a variety of additional sounds. Across the DC-2W’s two effect modes (S and SDD-320), 20 different Dimension variations are possible with just four switches.

In the Waza Craft tradition, the DC-2W delivers vintage analog tones with modern design refinements for enhanced performance and versatility. Along with the new electronic mode switches, the pedal features a newly designed internal bypass circuit that greatly improves on that found in the original DC-2. In addition, versatile I/O enables the pedal to blend in with any mono or stereo rig, from regular guitar setups to audio interfaces and studio mixing consoles. And like all Waza Craft pedal models, the DC-2W includes a premium buffer circuit for ultra-transparent tone when the pedal is switched off.