Blammo! + Dirty Haggard Deth Pedal

Boutique pedal creators BLAMMO! and Dirty Haggard have joined forces to forge a foot-operated, limited edition device inspired by EQD’s Life pedal, known as…the DETH PEDAL!

Much like the original, this pedal combines a Rat distortion with an analog octave up circuit, featuring a blend control and a separate footswitch for a FET-based clean boost. However, instead of a clipping control switch, the builder duo implemented a potentiometer that smoothly transitions between symmetrical clipping (on the left side) and asymmetrical clipping (on the right side), eliminating abrupt changes in volume.

The FET-based clean boost circuit, activated by the left footswitch, has been tailored to deliver a slightly different tonal character, emphasizing mid-range frequencies and providing a boost in output volume, while the Rat circuit was tweaked so that the signal has a touch more bass and low-mid frequencies when it enters the clipping section, resulting in a rounder sound.

The most significant alteration is the inclusion of an internal noise gate with a bleeder resistor, which significantly reduces unwanted hiss and hum between notes, enabling them to decay naturally instead of abruptly dissipating, a mod that works particularly well for single coil players who despise the noisy interference that accompanies high-gain distortions.

Check it out in the video below.

Blammo! + Dirty Haggard Deth Pedal, Builder’s Notes

In an attempt to bring balance to the pedal universe, BLAMMO! and Dirty Haggard have teamed up to bring you a super limited (but hella badass) stomp box based on the Life pedal from EQD called…the DETH PEDAL.

Similar to the Life pedal, the Deth pedal takes a Rat distortion and pairs it with a green ringer analog octave up circuit on a blend control with a FET based clean boost on its own footswitch, but that’s where the likeness ends. Instead of a clipping control on a switch, we use a potentiometer that smoothly sweeps between symmetrical clipping (leftside) and asymmetrical clipping (rightside) without radical jumps in volume. The FET based clean boost circuit is voiced a little differently with more of a mid-focused sound and a bit more output volume. And we also tweaked the Rat circuit by letting in a little more bass/low-mid frequencies into the clipping section for a bit more roundness. But the biggest change is the internal noise gate with bleeder resistor that REALLY cuts down the hiss and hum between notes but also allows them to naturally decay rather than fizzling out harshly. This change can be a big help for single coil players who hate the noisy hash that comes when pairing with a high gain distortion. Limited to just 50 units, the Deth Pedal is simply a great sounding parody design created for the hell of it.


  • Dual Softswitching / True Bypass
  • OP07 opamp
  • Board mounted Alpha pots w/ dust covers
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Teflon coated wiring
  • Red LED’s
  • UV printed graphic
  • Accepts the standard 2.1mm center negative 9VDC power plug (Boss style)
  • Current Draw : single 32mA , both 58mA