best new pedals march 2022

It’s that time of the month, lads and gals, the time when we post our summary of the best new pedals released during the previous month.

If you are a sucker for “best-of” pedal lists, you may want to take a look at our Year-End Best Pedals of 2021 Aggregate List, and the previous monthly lists like this one.

March 2022 marked the reawakening of major digital pedal releases, after a very quiet beginning of the year dominated by analog releases mostly concentrated in the boutique dirt-box niche.

It was a month that saw the release of powerful delay pedals, with two reissues of evergreen (and actually green!) classics like the Boss Space Echo and the Line 6 DL4, but also a long-awaited new delay by Chase Bliss Audio, a device as experimental and unusual as you may have dreamed.

But there were also plenty of interesting releases in the gain and fuzz realms, with releases from Thorpy FX, Catalinbread, SolidGoldFX, Mythos and more!

Here’s the recap of the best new pedals released last month, enjoy and please use our affiliate links if you decide to buy something, they are a simple way to support our blog at no cost to you!

As usual, mouseover or first tap on the thumbnails will open a description of the pedal, while a click or a second tap will open a video of the pedal.

Best New Pedals of 2022 | March Edition: Non Gain Pedals

Best New Pedals of 2022 | March Edition: Fuzz Pedals

Best New Pedals of 2022 | March Edition: Gain Pedals

Enjoy and see you next month!

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