Ananashead GT73

Operating out of beautiful Barcelona, Ananashead is a pedal builder with a rather wide collection of releases mostly centered on dirt boxes inspired by vintage amps.

The new GT73 v2 is the compact update to their overdrive based on the British boutique tube amp Green Matamp GT120, a variation on the Orange OR120.  The amp’s tube circuit is emulated through a SMD circuit equivalent to the old version’s JFET diodes, while a set of 4 EQ controls (Treble, Bass, Presence and Bass-Boost) allows for a wide palette of tone-sculpting possibilities.

You can hear the sound of the Ananashead GT73 in the video below.

Ananashead GT73

The GT73 is a handmade pedal based on the 1973 Matamp GT120 preamp with master volume control and solid state components rather than tubes.

It’s an updated version of the previous big box GT73 as the JFETs used began to be scarce in their through hole package and were changed by their SMD equivalent.

The original Drive control is fixed on the ‘Stage Bright’ setting and the Bass-Boost rotary switch has been changed for a potentiometer, this allows to reduce the size of the enclosure. Maintains the same inductor based Presence control like the GT120.

Other features:
· Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF
· Alpha reliable and robust footswitch.
· Alpha potentiometers.
· Filtered and protected 9VDC input
· Daisy-chain friendly
· Popless True Bypass switching
· Current draw: 10mA