Mattoverse Bad Passenger MKII

Many new versions of guitar pedals feature the exact same circuit as the original device, with a few improvements. That’s not the case for the Mattoverse Bad Passenger Fuzz MkII. Its circuit, which combines cascaded transistors and op-amp gain stage, has been fully redesigned to deliver the brutal fuzz and distortion tone required by elite rockers like you.

The new toggle switch gives you a darker and a brighter voicing.

The Bad Passenger Fuzz is back and badder than ever. MKII features a completely redesigned circuit combining cascaded transistor and op-amp gain stages to create a badass fuzz pedal brimming with brutal fuzz and distortion tones.  The added character switch toggles between a bright aggressive grind or a darker compressed filth.

The output control has also been redesigned so that you can access the full amount of gain regardless of the setting of the output volume.

  • True Bypass / Top Mounted Jacks
  • Standard Center-Pin Negative 9VDC Power only (not included) – Current Draw is approximately 25mA.
  • Enclosure Dimensions – 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″
  • 7 Day return policy (USA Only)