All-Pedal Alcmene

The super-large family of Klon clones has gained another small member wiht the All-Pedal Alcmene, a mini stompbox that perfectly captures the core characteristics of the expensive original unit.

Featuring the classic Klon 3-knob layout and Germanium clipping diodes, the Alcmene’s circuit offers higher headroom and dynamic response than your average pedal thanks to a, integrated charge pump delivering higher internal voltage rails.

We added it to our comprehensive article about the Knlon and its best clones.

All Pedal Alcmene, Builder’s Notes

Alcmene® is a great Klon-style Overdrive pedal that will revolutionize your guitar tone! Alcmene® offers you the same genuine features that made the legendary Klon Centaur famous, and it perfectly captures its core characteristics.

Alcmene®, which features Germanium clipping diodes, like the original Klon Centaur, offers a variety of tones, from a gentle, transparent overdrive to a full-fledged Germanium saturation, making it ideal for people who want a more rock-oriented sound. With active treble control, you can precisely sculpt your top-end frequencies and boost or decrease them as needed. The circuit board is gold-plated, ensuring perfect signal integrity and top performance.

Alcmene’s® integrated charge pump, which offers higher internal voltage rails and gives you more headroom and dynamic response, is one of its notable features.

Alcmene® was painstakingly created in the USA utilizing cutting-edge technology as evidence of superior craft abilities. We made no compromises in order to provide an outstanding tone and aesthetics. This pedal is a work of beauty that demands attention with its metallic finish, elegantly embossed artwork, and anodized knobs.

With the Alcmene®, your guitar can reach its full potential. Regardless of your level of experience or level of musical ability, this pedal will improve your playing. Don’t accept anything less than perfection; instead, immerse yourself in Alcmene’s® charm right now.

Get ready to be amazed by the superb sound and functionality crammed into this little micro-pedal. This pedal is a real game-changer with its beautifully constructed design and attention to detail.