tenten triangle e1412184340129

“Hi. This is Triangle. It messes up things.” So begins the odd description of an odd fuzz pedal. Or maybe the TENTEN Triangle is not odd, and we just aren’t expecting enough from our manufacturers of boutique pedals. But wait a minute… is this really a pedal?

So what is different about the Triangle? Well, for one, it has no footswitch. Also, the shape: we have seen lots of rectangles, and circles, and even home plates. Something about the triangle just says turn me up. It is like a spike of weirdness on your signal chain.

But then you see it comes with suction cups. You can plunk this thing on your guitar, and mess with the fuzz WHILE YOU PLAY. The eternally glorious Z. Vex Fuzz Factory, which TENTEN mentions as an influence, has a knob called “Stab” (for “Stability”). If you start messing with the Stability control on a Fuzz Factory, a sweet hell of feedback squall breaks loose. The Triangle seems capable of a similar feats. Having this type of control while actually playing, instead of having to kneel, would be a revelation.

Check out this demo video showcasing what you can do with the Triangle when you apply it to an electric guitar, and if you are into electronic instruments, don’t miss the other two videos here. – Nathan Smith