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On Sunday October 26 at 3pm, Analog Man‘s owner “Analog Mike” Piera (pictured) will run a panel about guitar pedals focused on many issues related to the effects business and also on several technical aspects of various stompboxes.

The panel will be at The Living Room’s new Brooklyn location on 134 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn (a few blocks from Main Drag Music.

One of the first manufacturers to create the boutique, high end guitar pedals that are now so popular, Analog Man has developed a comprehensive and original approach to stompboxes (and a rather unique business model), that allows it to be also a  “modder” of other brands’ pedals, an online dealer buying and selling all sorts of guitar related gear, and also a repair shop. This puts Piera’s in the ideal position to run this panel from the vantage point of his experience and broad comprehension of the business.

The 90 minute panel will cover the history of Analog Man and other boutique effects manufacturers, and how the internet radically changed the business. The history and details of pedal modifications will be discussed in depth, together with all the aspects of running a pedal manufacturing small business.

Other topics will include pedalboard design (board types, power supplies, cabling, remote switching, debugging) and demonstratipon of a full pedalboard. Some of the focus will be on technical issues like True bypass, Buffers, using a blind dual loop box for testing, but more generic topics like Effects order and stacking will also be tackled. There will be lots of demoing of course, with clean, boost and other pedals fed into clean and distorted amps.

Pedal geeks and those flirting with the idea of starting a pedal manufacturing company shouldn’t miss this appointment!