Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Tremolo

The Walrus Audio Monumental Stereo Tremolo builds on its predecessor’s warm tones while offering additional controls and features to enhance the sonic experience for musicians across all genres.

Inspired by the rugged beauty of Monument Valley, the Monumental retains the qualities that made the original mono version so popular while introducing new updates. With six distinct wave shapes and five tap divisions, including new additions (Ramp and Eighth Note Triplet), the Monumental offers a versatile range of tremolo effects.

Other new features include

  • true stereo in/out,
  • a pan control for sweeping from left to right,
  • preset saving and recalling capabilities,
  • full expression control over every parameter.

Like the original, it keeps the very cool S-B-H knob (Stereo, Both, Harmonic), which allows the user to blend from standard to harmonic tremolo.

Available in two striking designs illustrated by David Hüttner, the Monumental is housed in either an orange/copper enclosure or a flat black enclosure. It can be powered at either 9V or 12V for increased headroom, and its compact dimensions make it suitable for any pedalboard setup.

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