Another company further pushing the limits of what guitar pedals are capable of is Industrialectric, out of Toronto. They have created a unit so bizarre that it must be checked out first hand in order to fully grasp everything that it is capable of.

Appropriately titled, their latest pedal 4046-M is essentially a voltage controlled oscillator. It works by examining the incoming signal and then splitting it into two distinct intervals. The signal is then run through a modulation circuit, which applies a touch – or a ton – of… sonic “chaos” to it. The pedal sports a whopping 14 pots and 3 switches, so there’s no danger of running out of options anytime soon. It can turn your guitar into a looper, a synth, an 8-bit crushing machine, and SO much more.

Fortunately, the company has shot a very instructive video illustrating all the pedals’ parts and what they do – that way we don’t need to do it for you.

While certainly not for every type of guitarist, the 4046-M looks like a wicked toy for the player who is not afraid to experiment.  – Brandon Stoner