Westerlund One

The Westerlund ONE is the first pedal release by a young Okmahoma-based builder, and it was built to be your “desert island” preamp/overdrive pedal, which implies high-end components, top-notch tone – and a higher-than-average price tag.

Designed to integrate perfectly with your guitar and amp, the ONE offers plenty of gain without straying away from your original tone and your performance’s dynamics, delivering a variety of voices and boost or “dirt” options thanks to its five FET-based clipping modes, a gain boost with separate level knob and footswitch, a 3-band EQ, and an always useful Bright/Dark switch.

The five clipping modes are obtained through a combination of a 3-way switch setting Hard/Soft or no clipping and a 2-way switch for Silicon or Germanium diodes. The clipping off option is basically your “amp mode.”

As always with this kind of pedals, it’s all in the tone – you can hear it for yourself in the videos below.

Westerlund One, Builder’s Notes

The Westerlund ONE is designed to be an extension of your sound…think of it as a high-end preamp for your instrument. You can get plenty of gain and volume out of the ONE by pushing it, but it stays true to your original signal while providing a more balanced, fuller, and dynamic tone.

With three unique modes (Clipping Off or “Amp Mode”, Germanium ‘GE’ Clipping, and Silicon ‘SI’ Clipping), a gain boost, a 3-band EQ, and plenty of headroom, the ONE covers a wide range of sounds (from transparent to full on tube saturation) that enhance the musicality of your instrument and your unique playing.


Clipping Modes
The three unique FET based opamp gain stages and a FET tone recovery stage lend to a very tube-like tone and feel.

Tone Switch
The Bright/Dark switch gives additional tonal flexibility. “Bright mode” can be used for normal operation.

3-Band EQ
A musical and responsive EQ with treble, middle and bass control. The EQ helps dial in the ONE to perfection.

Adjustable Boost
The adjustable pre-gain boost is used in conjunction with the overdrive to go from a subtle volume increase to pushing your sound into amp-like saturation and compression.


  • Hard/Soft Clipping
  • Germanium/Silicon Diodes
  • Clipping Off = “Amp Mode”
  • Musical 3-Band EQ
  • Dark/Bright Tone Switch
  • Gain and Level Controls
  • Adjustable Pre-Gain Boost
  • 5″ L x 3.5″ W x 1.5″ H
  • 9V Center Negative ~50ma