Tubesteader Magnezium

Voiced after the legendary Magnatone Super 59 M80 amp, the Tubesteader Magnezium is the latest dirt box by a Montreal-based small builder who specializes in gain pedals with real tubes in them.

Equipped with a pair of 12X7 tubes operating at full 250VDC, this pedal offers two separate gain channels: a low-gain one, with a richer bottom end and able to deliver glassy tones at lower settings, and a high one, optimized for distorted tones with harmonically rich content.

Besides the expected Volume and Gain knob, each channel has its own 3-way EQ section. They can be switched via the left footswitch, or remotely via the 1/8″ side-mounted jack.

On the preamp’s side, a toggle switch presents two distinct output modes. The first delivers a higher output, ideal for direct connections to a power amp or a cabinet simulation. The second, an attenuated mode with a treble cut, is designed for connecting to the front of an amplifier.