Welcome to Delicious Audio, the official blog of the Stompbox Exhibit!

This is what we do:

1. We aggregate the best YouTube videos of pedals in interactive galleries like this one, from the Eric Merrow’s video you just saw:

10 “Must See” pedals from Winter NAMM 2018
[Click once or tap twice to see the video of each pedal we shot inside our NAMM booth!]

2. We provide daily news about new and old stompboxes on our homepage.

3. We create super-thorough shopping guides for specific pedals (like Klon clones, Uni-Vibe or Plexi-Style pedals)

4. We produce other relevant content about pedals like:
Advice about pedals
Manufacturer profiles
Q&As with artists about their pedals and creative process
Cover and promote our Stompbox Events!

5. We have some pretty rad gear giveaways!!!

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