What Is Delicious Audio?
Delicious Audio is a pedal blog that aggregates all the videos about single stompboxes shot by the best YouTube channels dedicated to electric guitar and effects.

What YouTube Channels Does Delicious Audio Aggregate?
The channels we aggregate keep changing, we add new ones on a monthly basis, but you can get a good sample of them by opening a couple of posts from the homepage – you’ll find them at the bottom of each article.

These influencers’ output is at once the filter for our content, what drives the content, and part of the content, which is integrated with our own written editorial.

How Do I Get a Writeup about my Pedal on Delicious Audio?
If you are able to get your pedal covered by one of the aggregated YouTubers, it will end up in the blog. So… be supportive of YouTubers and you’ll get covered for free on Delicious Audio. By the way, we also shoot videos, feel free to ask me about it: paolo.dg *at* thedelimag.com

What If I Make My Own Video of My Pedal?
We try to shy away from pedal demos posted directly by the builders on their own YouTube accounts, although we do make some exceptions for more established builders that prefer to produce the videos of their products in-house.

What’s The Stompbox Exhibit?
The Stompbox Exhibit is a pop-up pedal event we organize in several cities in the US, Canada and now also in London, UK. They represent the biggest community gathering for pedal lovers in North America. The calendar of the events right now is pretty fluid, but there are are yearly editions in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Montreal, Portland, London and – perhaps – Toronto.

If you are interested in more information feel free to contact me at paolo.dg *at* thedelimag.com